Albino Dolphins

Main facts about the Albino dolphin

The Albion dolphin has red eyes and pink skin. The dolphin is a bottlenose found in Louisiana's lake Calcasieu.This dolphin was first found in 2007 by Erik Rue a boat captain. Albinism is a rare condition and has only been found in 14 bottlenose dolphins sense 1962. Albinism causes the dolphins to be light pink, glossy and smooth in the texture of the skin.

Effects to the dolphins due to albinism

Albinism causes severe sunburns because the skin is so light it can not protect it. The animals have poor eye sight due to the redness of them. Albinism is the effect of not being able to produce pigment or melanin. Albinism starts before birth and has cure to it. Hair and skin are completely white or slightly light blonde. Eyes are hard to control the movement and are hard to see far away.

Protection of the dolphins

To keep these animals safe they need to be treated like regular dolphins and not have people harassing them. Many campaigns say not to swim with or feed the dolphins because they will get used to people and wont find their own food.This animal may be rare but people have to view from a distance because they are still a wild animal.

Unique facts

These animals are the same as regular bottlenose dolphins.These dolphins are also known as white dolphins. Albinism for dolphins is not created by humans it is a natural defect during birth. Sometimes they are mistaken for belugas. Dolphins cannot breathe underwater, and when they are born they are called calves. Dolphins are warm blooded like humans.
pinkish albino dolphin


In the World there has only been 2 sightings of these rare animals. Very little is known about these dolphins because they are so rare and studying them to much will cause them to get used to people. Albinism is usually inherited from only one parent. For many years albino dolphins or "white dolphin" was a myth but that has been proven they are real.